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Shed Guidelines

Preserve at Lake Thomas Shed Guidelines (Approved 06.11.2020)

In order to preserve the unique aesthetics of the subdivision and maintain conformity within The Preserve at Lake Thomas community which includes lake front homes, the Board of Directors this date, pursuant to Article VII of the Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for The Preserve at Lake Thomas, has adopted the following guidelines pertaining to the placement of sheds upon subdivision lots. 

1. All sheds must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to erection or placement upon any lot. Applications must be submitted in complete and proper form (ACC application) and in compliance with duly adopted Association architectural control policies. Shed applications, for example, must include a lot boundary survey indicating on such survey the proposed shed location. 

2. Only resin, plastic or like material sheds of such size as specified herein may be displayed on any lot. Metal or wood sheds are not permitted. See this link for sample styles. 

3. On all homes with rear yards bordering interior ponds and lakes, ACC approved resin like material sheds not to exceed 30 square feet of floor space dimensions may be place directly against the rear, exterior wall of the home. Due to a desire to facilitate lake views, sheds on these lake lots may not be free standing. 

4. On non-lake front homes, ACC approved resin like material sheds not to exceed 30 square feet in floor space dimension may be placed upon the lot. Sheds on these lots may be free standing, however, ACC approved landscaping must be installed and maintained around the base of the freestanding shed. Landscaping plans must be included in the ACC application for free standing shed requests. 

5. Sheds may not exceed 8 feet in peak height. 

6. Under no circumstances may sheds be displayed at the side or front of homes. 

7. Sheds must remain an earth tone color as originally manufactured or painted the identical exterior wall color of the home. 

8. All sheds must be properly erected according to manufacturer's instructions and in compliance with these guidelines and any applicable municipal codes. Sheds must be maintained in good condition at all times and access doors must be closed when the shed is not in use. Required landscaping must likewise be maintained according to applicable sections of the Deed restrictions. 

Preserve at Lake Thomas Neighborhood
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