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Gate Access & Clicker Requests

Preserve at Lake Thomas Sunset
Gate Access  & Clicker Requests

The main gate, located at the intersection of Land O Lakes Blvd and Ehren Cuttoff, is the only entrance with a touch screen keypad. Guests can contact a resident from the front gate using a resident's name and telephone number. The homeowner will have the option to open the gate for their guests by pressing the "9" key on their telephone, however, visitors must call directly from the gate box, for this process to be effective.

If you recently purchased your home, and inherited the gate clickers and gate codes from the previous owner, it is recommended that you notify the HOA of the clicker numbers and your new PIN number, as the previous homeowner’s information will be deleted when they leave.

If you need new gate clicker, or need to reset the access code, or update the phone number in the system, please email the HOA Board or Property Manager 

If the gate is not working correctly, please contact The Trowbridge Company at (813)264-1119.

Photo by Kathy Bullara

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