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Mailbox Replacement & Repair

Preserve at Lake Thomas Home

The mailboxes within the sub-division are just one of the many design nuances that make the community unique and identifiable. 

  • As they are made of wood, they will show signs of wear over time, and will require re-painting or replacement.                      

  • Please see DIY instructions below for regular maintenance issues regarding your mailbox.

  • Contact the HOA Board for further assistance. 

DIY Maintenance:

 To paint/repair your mailbox, please adhere to these parameters:

  • Mail boxes must be plain metal, gray in color (Lowe’s Gibraltar Grayson, # 41770 Model ST100000)

  • White Color – Sherwin Williams (@Lowe’s)  SW 636703 Extra White Ovation,  Hi-Gloss

  • Green Color – Lowe’s  Valspar Duramax Exterior Satin. Formula for a quart:Base 4, 102 - 10.5, 107 - 19.5, 113 – 1Y3.5, 203 – 1Y15

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