Mailbox Replacement & Repair

The mailboxes within the sub-division are just one of the many design nuances that make the community unique and identifiable. 

As they are made of wood, they will show signs of wear over time, and will require re-painting or replacement. 

Please contact Bernie Tanguay, at (813) 235-9294 or via email at

Production costs:

  • Right and left sign carved, painted- $120

  • Post with the carved top, painted - $65

  • Signs, post and hardware completely built, painted - $285

  • Installed in front of the residence home - $45

  • Paint cost is $40, additional fees will apply for any extensive woodwork repair due to heavy cracking or dry rot

DIY Maintenance

If you choose to paint/repair your own mailbox, please adhere to these parameters:

  • Mail boxes must be plain metal, gray in color (Lowe’s Gibraltar Grayson, # 41770 Model ST100000   $ 14.98)

  • White Color – Sherwin Williams (@Lowe’s)  SW 636703 Extra White Ovation,  Hi-Gloss

  • Green Color – Lowe’s  Valspar Duramax Exterior Satin. Formula for a quart:Base 4, 102 - 10.5, 107 - 19.5, 113 – 1Y3.5, 203 – 1Y15

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