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Roofing Guidelines

The following was approved on 20 June 2014:

1. All applications of exterior roofs to homes must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to installation. Because of the many styles and applications it is imperative that owners pre-approve all applications prior to installation.

2. All installations must be by a licensed and insured contractor and appropriate permits obtained. 

3. Replacement of tile roofs must be done in tile or a product architecturally compatible to tiles. 

4. Replacement of shingle roofs must be done with architectural shingle, tile, or products architecturally compatible with shingle or tile, or metal subject to #5 below. 

5. In recognition of modern advances roofing material, specifically metal products in comparable architectural appearance to traditional roofing, metal replacement roofs are permitted except that galvanized, standing seam, flat, panel style roofs may not be in raw zinc, galvanized to stainless steel color. No copper or lead metal roofing is permitted.  

Preserve at Lake Thomas Sunrise

by Jean Morrissey Sanner

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