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Board of Directors/Board Committees

Preserve at Lake Thomas Neighborhood

2024 Board of Directors

President                      Jeff Shorts

1st Vice President        Frank Sierra

2nd Vice President      Terry Aunchman


Secretary/Treasurer    Tom Daly

Director                        Christina MacMiller

Association Committees:

Architectural Control : Frank Sierra, Bernie Tanguay, Tom Daly 

Social : Jeannie Shorts, Theresa Sierra, Lucy DesJardin, Ileana Gatz

Gate Access: Manny Mendez

Newsletters: Volunteers Needed

Board Meetings are open to all residents, and will be run according to the following rules of order.

A meeting agenda will be prepared for each Board Meeting. Agenda items may be submitted to the Management company in writing, or the President via email, up to thirty (30) days before a scheduled meeting. Agenda items received later than three (3) days in advance of a scheduled meeting (or brought up at a meeting), will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting.

The meeting agenda will follow the following schedule.


  • Any member wishing to address the Board will register with the Board Secretary. Said member will have three (3) minutes to address the Board towards the end of the meeting. Issues raised requesting Board comment or action will be taken under consideration by the Board for review for the next Board meeting, unless part of the agenda.

  • Minutes from the previous meeting will be read by the Board Secretary.

  • The Board will vote to accept the minutes as read or with changes as presented.

  • Unfinished business from previous meetings will be addressed and resolved if possible through Board action.

  • New business, specified in the Meeting Agenda, will be addressed and resolved if possible. If not resolved through Board action, new business items may be deferred for further investigation or consideration by the Board.

  • Those having registered at the beginning of the Board meeting will have three minutes each to address the Board.

  • The Meeting will be adjourned through resolution of the Board.


Unruly conduct during a Board Meeting will not be tolerated, and may result in the offending person being asked to leave the meeting. Refusal to leave may result in immediate termination of the meeting.

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