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Receive Emails from the Board

Sign up to receive emails for general communications from the HOA Board. 

When you click SUBSCRIBE, you: 

1. Consent to the use of the indicated e-mail address for the
purpose of general notices pertaining to activities and operation of the Association.

2. Consent to release of this e-mail address to others such as
homeowners/residents/contractors involved in Association activities or operations.

3. Consent to publication of the above telephone contact
numbers in any community directory published for the exclusive benefit of homeowners and residents.

4. Acknowledge that you are the owner of the email address. 

NOTE: In keeping with Florida State Statute 720, the Association may only maintain on file and utilize unit owner e-mail addresses for those owners who consent to such use in writing. The Association wishes to have email addresses on file for general courtesy notices and information related to the Association. Such use will be only for qualified Association business and such address cannot be publicized or distributed to others without provider consent. Provided emails will be included in official records.

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