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Architectural Control Committee

Preserve at Lake Thomas Home

Photo by Kathy Bullara

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**Please see below for specific instructions on submitting forms for Architectural Review. Improper submission will cause delay in the review process.**

For specific information regarding approval guidelines, please source the following for clarification. 

1. All modifications to a homesite, or modifications to an existing structure, must be pre-approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Such modifications include but are not limited to any building, wall, fence, or screened enclosure.


2. Appropriate standard forms will be utilized:

Architectural Control Committee Approval Form, and/or House Painting Supplement Form

3. All submissions must be complete. For those submissions which do not require oversized plans and drawings, a request may be scanned and emailed to Association Management at Any submission that does include an oversized plan/drawing, should be sent to The Preserve at Lake Thomas Homeowners’ Association, Inc., P.O. Box 273708, Tampa, FL 33688.

4. The Management Company will date stamp the submission and review the application for completeness. Incomplete applications will be administratively rejected and returned to the homeowner.Rejected applications are automatic disapprovals of the requested modification/ improvement.


5. Properly completed applications will be forwarded by management to the Architectural Control Committee for their determination, to be completed no later than thirty (30) days after the date stamp of receipt of the application by Management.


6. Applications for improvements and/or modification will be reviewed for conformance to the Declaration and Board approved guidelines, and approved or disapproved by the Committee at a properly noticed meeting.


7. Applications involving a waiver of architectural guidelines (such as fencing, landscaping, pre-approved paint colors, etc.) as requested by the homeowner, will be reviewed by the Committee and a recommendation of approval or disapproval rendered. The Committee has authority to deny the waiver. If the Committee recommends approval of the waiver, the Committee will then forward the application with waiver request to the Board to determine approval or disapproval. All waivers to architectural guidelines therefore require the approval of the Board of Directors.


8.The Management Company will provide a copy of the approved/disapproved application to the owner.


9. Unless granted written extension by the Committee, or such approved application withdrawn in writing by the Owner, Owners must commence approved modifications, additions or alterations within ninety (90) days of the date of approval. With the exception of approved additions such as new construction or new pools, those modifications and alterations such as re-roofing, repainting, landscaping, fencing, enclosures, and the like, shall be completed within thirty (30) days of commencement of work unless written extension by the Committee is granted. Approvals expire six months from the date of approval or upon a change of ownership.


10. In the event a homeowner wishes to appeal the decision of the Architectural Control Committee, the homeowner may contact management to schedule an appearance at a future Board meeting to discuss the matter at the Board meeting. At the hearing, the Board may modify a portion, or all, of the formerly disapproved application and determination of the Architectural Committee.


11. In the event new construction or modifications commence without proper Committee or Board approval, a demand to cease letter from Management will be sent to the owner. The Board may require unapproved modifications to be removed, and the lot/home returned to previous condition.


12. The Architectural Control Committee shall consist of three persons, as appointed by the Board of Directors.

Architectural Procedures (Approved 05.09.19)

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 1, and in order to preserve the value and appearance of the Property subject to the Declaration of Easements, Conditions, and Restrictions, a duly appointed Architectural Control Committee is established to provide review of any modifications, addition or alteration to any improvement and approve only those determined to be in conformance with the guidelines, norms, and general character of the subdivision. The Committee strives to ensure compliance in a fair, reasonable, and equitable manner, while maintaining the integrity, aesthetic quality and value of the community.

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