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Driveway Staining & Painting

Driveway Staining & Painting Restrictions

Preserve at Lake Thomas Neighborhood

Photo by Kathy Wells Bullara

Driveway Staining or Painting (eff. 14 Apr 2022)

In order to protect the unique aesthetics of the subdivision and to maintain conformity within the Preserve at Lake Thomas community which includes lake front homes, the Board of Directors this date, pursuant to Article VII of the Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restriction for the The Preserve at Lake Thomas, has adopted the following guidelines pertaining to the painting or staining of driveways on subdivision lots. 

1. Driveways upon lots of the subdivision may not be painted or stained. Driveways must remain natural concrete or pavers as pre-approved by the Association through its Architectural Control Committee. 

2. Driveways already painted or stained on this effective date may be re-painted or re-stained upon pre-approval by the Association's Architectural Control Committee. 

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