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Fence Guidelines

Preserve at Lake Thomas Home


Height Requirements:

Height of the fence not to exceed 4’6” from grade at the highest point.


Fence Style:

“Open Style” style of fence to incorporate vertical pickets measuring approximately 1” square placed at 4” on-center minimum.



  • First choice in color is black and material is aluminum. 

  • No chain-link fences

  • No wood fences

  • No 6’ fences

  • No solid fences

  • No Hedges or Landscaping can be higher than the height of the fence requirement.

  • Owner must maintain BOTH sides of the fences, including pressure washing and painting

  • No front yard fences will be permitted.



Fence will start at the rear corner of the home and extend around the rear yard.

If backyard space is limited, other options will be considered by the Architectural Control Committee, and is subject to final approval by the Board of Directors. In the event a side yard fence is a potential option for a lot with no or limited backyard, the fence cannot be closer than 10 feet from the front edge of the home, and all sides of the fence fronting a roadway, will require substantial shrubbery to shield the fence. In addition, any side-yard proposal will require notification to the adjacent homeowner bordering the proposed fence line, who will be afforded the opportunity to offer any objection to the Board of Directors.

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